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Thing 13: Reflective Post

I enjoyed this session of Rudai 23. Although, I discovered that I already have used many of the recommended tools, it was good to learn a little bit more about them or just to be reassured that they are still recommended.
Thing 10: Networking ToolsI removed myself from Facebook a number of years ago and aside from a possible professional aspect, I have no real desire to re-join. I actively use Twitter already although I may not post much, I certainly check it daily. So, I was interested to learn more about Lists and how to use them. I always noticed the Lists tab on my account but was never too sure of its purpose. I took on this task and soon got carried away, I joined six of them almost instantly and now keep my eye out for more interesting ones. I’m not sure I fully understand yet the difference between being a member of a list or a subscriber, but I do find this very useful to focus on one topic in the greater Twitter discussion world.
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